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  TESTIMONIAL ::. Student
2009-12-07  ,  Repeat  

I had an excellent training NIFT experience. I was able to accomplish everything that I wanted to learn.That experience I am eager to repeat!


2009-12-25  ,  Running student  

I would like to develop a future career in Fashion Industry.I am only halfway through my journey, I am looking forward to continuing and obtaining my degree.


2008-07-25  ,  Career  

I have left the NIFT with the knowledge and inspiration to start a career in the fashion industry.I would recommend the diploma course to anyone with an interest in fashion.


2007-12-03  ,  Miss you  

I would with no doubt recommend NIFT to anyone and everyone who is interested in fashion. Not only did I gain knowledge in fashion, but I also got to meet amazing people including my classmates.I truly miss always NIFT and everyone and everything that came with it! Love Always


2009-04-01  ,  Future student  

For future NIFT attendees, go in humbly and motivated and you’ll be satisfy.


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