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Affiliated with National University(NU) & Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB)
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  About Us
Mission Purposes

Mission :
Live for today, learn for tomorrow. Our mission is to inspire and educate the scholar and leader in each student, building on a strong foundation in the Fashion industry and a commitment to the best of human values, fostering a commitment to a lifetime of service and learning.

We shall continue to be an institute with a difference by developing competent, committed and compassionate leaders through management education, knowledge generation and dissemination, capacity building, technology enabled learning and organizational development.

Vision & Purposes:



To provide accessible, affordable, innovative, high-quality learning opportunities and degree programs that meet the diverse needs of individuals pursuing integrity in their lives, professions and communities.

Our Logo:

This Candle of knowledge, with its suggestion of enlightened guidance, thus affirms the value we place on wisdom and understanding as the basis for leadership in life, including leadership in personal, professional affairs. A stack of books rests next to the lamp of knowledge, symbolizing the value we place on the interrelationship and interdependency of all forms of knowledge. Inside the book in every pages demonstrate everything from fashion industry. There is a certificate which is a sign of strongly recommendation for bright future.

Our Value:

1. Integrity and Honesty

2. Respect for Individuals

3. Transparency and Accountability

4. Commitment and Dedication

5. Concern for Quality

6. Passion for Innovation and Performance

7. Social, Ecological and Ethical Sensitivity


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