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Affiliated with National University(NU) & Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB)
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  Become a Faculty Member

If you are an experienced professional with an advanced degree, in-depth knowledge of your field, strong communication skills and a desire to help others succeed, you could become a faculty member at NIFT.

General Requirements

To qualify as a faculty member, you'll need to meet the following minimum criteria

  • Work experience related to the subject you wish to teach. Requirements vary by course and program.
  • Have a master's or doctoral degree related to the subject you wish to teach.
  • Must have good presentation skill so the student understand easily.

Your appointment:

 It’s always a good time to apply through online. We will then determine if you meet our current needs. You may be contacted to continue with the interview process. If you are selected to be a faculty candidate, you will begin a series of trainings and evaluations before instructing specific courses.

Your Benefits:

  • Expand your own expertise.
    By teaching centrally developed course materials, reading various texts, reviewing student research and facilitating class discussion, you expand your own depth of knowledge. In addition, you can attend any classes and pursue another degree at substantial faculty discounts.
  • Improve your communication and leadership skills.
    By preparing course material and facilitating class discussions, you sharpen your ability to organize, communicate and lead. We also offer a wide array of assessment and training programs to further enhance your skills.
  • Experience the satisfaction of making a difference:
    you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that students are benefiting from your wisdom and experience.
  • Network with other professionals in your field:
    As a Faculty member of NIFT you have opportunity to share the Knowledge with other faculty and students from all over the Bangladesh who are successful professionals.
  • Teach part time without interrupting your full-time career & earn extra money.
  • Be an honorable & well known teacher.
  • If the students feedback/evaluation is better you will have continuous schedule all the year round.
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